Ms. Martinez's 100th Day of School Sites



Abney Spartan & Tiger


Mad Money

Can you save $100?

Give the Dog a Bone

Click the number on a blank hundreds chart while the clock is going.

100th Day EBook

This site is for primary grades.

Counter Square

Place objects on the numbers. Different shapes for different multiples.

Roman Numerals to 100

Type in a number to see the Roman Numeral Match

Interactive 100 square

Paint each square a different color


Class Activities

Centersprintable document

-String 100 Fruit Loops onto a yarn necklace.
-Put together a 100 piece puzzle.
-Make a list “I would like 100 __________.”
-Make a 100 piece chain of links and estimate the length, then check and record in inches, feet, and yards.
-Using quarter inch graph paper, create a shape with a perimeter of 100 Units and color it.
- Using quarter inch graph paper, create a shape with an area of 100 units and color it.
-Computer – class blog –  “If I had $100…”
-Be quiet for 100 seconds!
-Collect 100 cans in your class and donate money for charity. Or collect 100 cans of food.
-Make a class list of 100 number sentences that equal to 100.
- Have a jar of beans, scoop out an estimate of 100, then partner checks to see if they are correct.