An adverb modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. An adverb tells when, where, how.

Adverbs of time answer the questions when or how often. Some adverbs of time are again, always, early, immediately, now, often, sometimes, soon, then , today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

Adverbs of Place answer the question where. Some adverbs of place are : above, away , back, below, down, everywhere, far, forward, here, in, inside, near, outside there, up , within.

Adverbs of Manner answer the question how. Some adverbs of manner are: carefully, clearly, easily, fast, gracefully, happily, kindly, quickly, slowly, stubbornly.

Write the words from the list into the correct column.

                            Powerfully         yesterday         quickly         playfully     down

                            There                 forward            anxiously     outside       sometimes

                            First                   curiously          tomorrow     near             soon

                            Here                 finally                 early           swiftly         forward

Time - When, How Often


Place - Where


Manner - How


Circle the adverbs that tell when or how often.

                                1. I will always remember the movie Where the Red Fern Grows.

                                2. Yesterday Lauren, Tim, and I went to the library.

                                3. We found it immediately and began reading about Billy.

                                4. Billy frequently dreamed of owning his own hounds.

                                5. First he had to save the money.

Circe the adverb that tells where in each sentence.

                                6. After you fill that glass, put the milk back in the refrigerator.

                                7. Mike went upstairs to read in his room.

                                8. Asian people often leave their shoes outside.

                                9. Nicole shopped everywhere for an orange sweater.

                                10. Hermit crabs live inside the shells of snails.

Circle the adverb that tells how in each sentence.

                                11. The cub curiously peered out of the den.

                                12. Emily eagerly began reading her new book.

                                13. Lauren strolled peacefully along the country lane.

                                14. Mike and Chris rapidly jogged around the track.

                                15. The young prince secretly planned his escape.

                                Write a sentence that uses an adverb of time.



                                Write a sentence that uses an adverb of place.


                                Write a sentence that uses an adverb of manner.



                                        Rewrite each sentence to include the adverb in parentheses.

                                        1. Karen visited the Science Museum. ( yesterday)
                                  2. She saw an exhibit of holograms.(upstairs)
                                  3. She tried to touch the images. (first)
                                  4. She learned why holograms look so real. (finally)
                                  5. Karen will go again. (there)


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