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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
By Barbara Robinson
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 Ch 1-3 Vocabulary
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Chapter 6 -7 Vocabulary

Ch 1-3 Vocabulary

Ch. 1 Pod Cast
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Ch. 3 Pod Cast

1. Contagious - easily spread; usually refers to a disease.

2.volunteer- someone who does a job for no pay.

3. horrified - very shocked or upset

4. hysterical - someone who is so upset that they are acting crazy.

5. penitentiary - prison

6. pageant - a play or a show, usually put on for a special occasion.

7.primary - first, most important

8. tradition - something families do together that is passed down.

9. congregation - people who attend the church service; a group of people.

10. hymns - church songs

11. minister - preacher

Chapter 1 Read and Respond Questions

(In complete sentences. Use your book the find the answers! Don't guess or write from memory.)
1. Tell who the Herdmans are and write a descriptive paragraph about them.
2. How did the Hermans burn down Fred Shoemaker's tool house?
3. The firemen didn't get any doughnuts. What happened to them?
4. Describe the Herdman's cat.  Ilustrate it .
5. Claude brought the Herdman's cat to school.  Tell what happened.
6. How did Imogene blackmail her classmates?
7. Where is Mr. Herdman?
8. Who takes care of the Herdman's?
9. Who is the author of this book?  What is the copyright date?
10. Why didn't Mrs. Herdman want to stay home with her children?

Chapter 2 Read and Respond Questions
1. What is a Christmas pageant?
2. What part does Charlie play every year?
3. What is Mother's usual contribution to the pageant?
4. Who is usually responsible for the performance?
5. Why does Mother end up doing the pageant?
6. What does charlie like best about Sunday school?
7. Who was always giving Charlie bruises?
8. Why is it Charlie's fault that the herdman's came to church?
9. Why did the Herdmans come to church?
10. What did imogene do when the collection basket was passed in front of her?

Chapter 3 Read and Respond Questions
1. One lady was always calling Mother about the pageant.  What was her name?
2. Alice Wendleken always had the same part in the pageant. What was it?
3. Who was standing at the door when Mother was on the phone?
4. What was Father's biggest complaint about Mother's involvement in the pageant?
5. Who volunteered to be Mary?
6. What part did Elmer Hopkins always have in the pageant?
7. Who wanted to be Joseph this time?
8. Why didn't anyone else volunteer for any of the parts in the pageant?
9. What caused Ollie Herdman's earache?
10. How did the community react to the fact that the Herdmans were going to be the cast in the pageant?

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Chapters 4-5 Vocabulary

Chapter 4 Pod Cast
Chapter 5 Pod Cast

1. outlaws - people who break the law.

2.snitching - telling on a person to get them in trouble; stealing.

3. swaddling - long, narrow bands of cloth

4. disgraceful - having no honor; shameful

5. saloon- a bar in the old west

6. truant - describes a student who skips school a lot.

7. myrrh - perfume, a gift the wide men brought to baby Jesus.

8. retire - to quit working

9. stable - a building wehre horses and cattle are kept

Chapter 4-5 Read and Respond Questions
(In complete sentences. Use your book the find the answers! Don't guess or write from memory.)
1. What was the "Herdman smile" like?
2. What did Gladys and Ollie do to the primary Bible?
3. Where did Gladys sleep when she was born?
4. How did the Herdmans react to the Christmas story?
5. How did the Herdman's feel about King Herod?
6. Where did the Herdmans go the next day to learn more about King Herod and Jesus?
7. Who was King Herod?
8. Why was Alice keeping notes on the Herdmans'behavior?
9. In the beginning, many mothers offered their  babies to play the part of baby Jesus in the pageant.  Why did they change their minds?
10. What did Mother decide to use for Jesus in the pageant?

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Chapters 6-7 Vocabulary

1. cockeyed - having eyes that look in different directins at once.

2. colic - an illness that causes babies to be fussy.

3. parsonage - the house that a minister lives in.

4. refugee - a person who leaves his or her home and has few possessions.

5. confer- to meet and discuss

Chapter 6-7 Questions

1. Who was using the church the night of the dress rehearsal?
2. What did Alice put on her eyelids to make her look more lovely?
3. Imogene's ears had been pierced.  Did a doctor do it for her?
4. What was Imogene doing in the lady's room?
5. Why was the fire department called?
6. What happened to the applesauce cake?
7. How were the Herdmans like the real Holy Family?
8. What did the Wise Men bring as their gifts?
9. How did the Herdmans improve the pageant?
10. Why was Imogene crying?

Book Report Ideas
After you have finished reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever , choose one method of reporting that interests you.
1. From the Artist
    A model of a scene from the story can be created, or a likeness of one or more of the characters from the story can be drawn or sculpted.

2. Time Capsule
    Make a time capsule  type design for future readers.  Neatly print your reasons why The Best Christ Pageant Ever is such a good book.  Store your time capsule in the library for future readers.

3. Come to Life!
  in a group , dress as characters from a scene in the book.  Using props act out that scene for the rest of the class.

4. Twenty Questions
    A reporter gives a series of clues about a character or an event in the story, ina vague-to-precise , general - to - specific order.  After all clues have been given, the identity of the mystery character or event is guessed.

5. Into the Future
     This report predicts what might happe if The Best Christmas Pageant Ever  were to continue.  It may take the form of a story in narrative or dramatic form, or a visual display.

6. A Character Comes to Life
     Suppose one of the characters in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever came to life and walked into your home or school.  Write about what the character sees, hears, and feels as he or she experiences the world in which you live.

7 Sales Talk
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