Ms. Martinez's Christmas Week Lesson Plans

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Day 1: Snow Day
 Winter Math Activities
 Snowman Pattern -Large blank snowman.
 Snowman:How many combinations? Print the pieces on card stock. Use this as an opener to discuss multiplying to find the number of combinations.
 Operation Snowman Interactive -Choose the operation. STudents are given a word problem and must tell the correct operation in order to build a snowman.
 Snow Man Quilt Pattern for Paper Run the copies; cut out the pieces, glue to paper.
 Winter Geometry Use marshmallows and toothpicks to practice polygons:quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, rhombus, rectangle, square. Glue/tape them to construction paper.
 Build A Snowman Interactive
 Snowman Combinations pdf :Present the document on the projector. After completing the above activity, students use math skills to decide how many combinations can be made. Choose one to draw.
 Snowflake Symmetry Students look at the pattern and try to draw the design in the hexagon shape. The answer is available on this same document.
 Interactive Symmetry
 Snowflake symmetry for Students This is the print out for the students to use.
 Make a flake Practice online before making the real deal.
 Ben and Jerry Snowflake Patterns Print out patterns for students to make a snowflake.
 Pattern Block Snowflakes Print out these shapes or use Ellison die cut hexagons to create symmetric snowflakes.
 Symmetric Snowflake Kids use pattern blocks to recreate the symmetric design. Print out one sheet for each student, or make it part of a center.
 How To Cut Paper Snowflakes This has a large picture easily seen on a projector.
 How To Cut a Snow Flake pdf
 Holiday Quilt Use coordinate geometry to fill in this graph. This is a pdf that can be copied.
 Winter Fraction Words Present this on the projector for students to follow directions to spell out winter  words given clues.
 Capture the Penguin Game Use coordinate geometry to move the penguins. Need special dice and gameboard on cardstock.
 How big is the mitten? After using unifix cubes to estmate how many cubes fit in a mitten, kids create a line plot to show results of estimates; then discuss mean, median, mode, range. Draw a mitten on the board, or draw one on paper and provide one for each student.
Learn Circumference, radius, chord, diameter by creating a large snowman.
Get white bulletin board paper. Explain circumference, diameter, chord. Demonstrate how to use the a string taped to the center of paper to create a circle. Create a snowman by using various radius lengths. Find the radius. Use a string to measure the circumference.
 Circle info.

 Interactive Circle


 Snow poems Very simple examples.
 Sample Cinquains Use these to create cinquains about snowman, a snow day, winter...Write the poem on blue paper with white chalk. Draw a snow scene around it.
 Cinquain Directions Line by line directions
 Frosty the Snowman Song This is a you tube video and may not link on school server.
 Frosty the snowman Words Words to the song.
 Frosty the Snowman Story
  Snowman Border WRiting Paper
 Snow Similes Present this pdf document on the projector. Students fill in the blank to create a document to write on blue construction paper with white chalk. Decorate.
 Winter Worksheets This site contains some great worksheets from Education World.
 Winter WRiting Prompts This is a long list of prompts that can be used throughout January.

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Ms. Martinez's Christmas Lessons
Tuesday - Gingerbread Man Day

 Story of the Gingerbread Man
 Interactive Story
 Gingerbread Man Template pdf Ask students to take one bite of their gingerbread cookie.   Graph or tally how many students bit off the head, the right arm, left arm, right leg or left leg. [bar graph or line plot. Discuss mean, median, mode]
 Graph Activity Scroll down.
 Gingerbread Men Craft
 Gingerbread Man Glyph

 Gingerbread Man Glyph 2

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Ms. Martinez's Christmas Week Fun
Wednesday - Christmas Tree Day
  Christmas Tree Map
  Christmas Word Problems pdf

 Christmas Multiplication pdf

 More Multiplication

 Christmas Tree Math Stumper
  Christmas Tree Polygon Tree
 studyzone lesson

 Polygon Links

 More Polygons

 Polygon Information

 Light the Tree Game

 Make A Christmas Tree

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Ms. Martinez's Christmas Week Fun
Thursday - Candy Cane Day

 Candy Cane Art
 What Your Favorite Flavor? Tally Chart
 Candy Cane Bar Graph Sheet
 Wright Family Story
 Candy Cane Reindeer Craft
 Candy Cane Algebra
 Santa Net

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