Ms. Martinez

Fourth Grade Instructional Programs

Every Day Counts Calendar Math

Our Every Day Counts Calendar Math provides about 30 minutes of daily practice of skills such as: finding shape, color, and number patterns; identifying multiples and factors of numbers; writing numbers in standard, expanded, and word form; writing fractions, decimals, and percents;counting money;telling time, graphing, and more.
Each month students are given a calendar worksheet to keep in their Every Day Counts Folders. They are to identify and record calendar color patterns and shapes. A certain amount of money is added to the daily depositor for each day of school. Students are to keep track of their totals daily. With this information they are to practice rounding the money amount to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand. They also write the amount in standard, expanded, and word form.
As we cross off days on the chart, we write the crossed amount as a fraction, a decimal, and a percent. We then identify the factors of that number.

Mountain Language

Mountain English is a method of daily practice of basic English skills. Students are given a laminated worksheet which contains 20 questions. Each question corresponds to a card number on the bulletin board. Using the bulletin board word, students answer each question. The words on the bulletin board are changed each week. Some of the skills covered are as follows:
  1. Common/Proper Nouns
  2. Singular/Plural Nouns
  3. Contractions
  4. Abbreviations
  5. Compound Words
Students are usually assigned a set of numbers to complete each day. At the end of the week, their papers are collected for a participation grade. Answers are checked as a class activity each day.