Correcting Run-On Sentences
 Worksheets pg. 84-85

Text pg. 16-17

Always capitalize and punctuate your sentences correctly. A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought. Sometimes when you are writing quickly, you may let two thoughts run together without telling how the thoughts are related. This kind of sentence is called a run-on sentence.
  Example: Light shimmers on water it moves through leafy trees.
How to Correct a Run-On Sentence: Rewrite each complete thought as a separate sentence. Be sure to begin each sentence with a capital letter. Use the correct end punctuation for each sentence.
  Example: Light shimmers on water. It moves through leafy trees.

Oral Practice with Active Board: Tell which sentences are run-on. Make corrections.
1. The museum was new it had many works of art.

2. A guide gave us a tour of all the rooms.

3. She talked about the artists and their work.

4. We saw paintings we also saw sculptures.

5. Some artists sign their work I sign my new drawings.

Rewrite each run-on sentence correctly. Check with Active Board.
6. Our class ate lunch in the museum.

7. The meal was fancy the waiters wore white gloves.

8. We talked about art the teacher asked for opinions.

9. My favorite paintings are by Mary Cassatt.

10. She was born in America she lived in France.

11. Her paintings are very delicate they are beautiful.

12. Cassatt's paintings show mothers and children.

13. Stanley liked the paintings by Claude Monet.

14. Monet painted from nature he studies the light.

15. He did a scene many times the light changed in each painting.

16. Money painted water lilies people love these pictures.

17. The colors are red, blue, and yellow no green was used.

18. Stand back see the flowers in the pond.

19. The lilies grew in Monet's own garden.

20. Modern art surprises many people they are confused by it.

21. Some pieces are abstract they do not look like anything real.

22. Certain artists painted flat shapes others used dots of color.

23. Many modern artists have a new style.

24. Their work looks almost like photographs.

25. Peter loves these paintings he wants to buy one.

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Identify the correct sentence and then test your knowledge of capitalization and punctuation Grammar Blast

Extra Practice pg. 35

Write run-on if the two sentences run together. Write sentence if the sentence is correct.

1. The country was new the people wanted to leave.
2. Delegates gathered in Philadelphia.
3. They met in the summer it was 1787.
4. The delegates argued the weeks passed.
5. The Constitution was ready in September.
6. A nation was orn the people were pleased.
7. The colonies became a great nation.
8. America grew and prospered the population grew, too.
9. Our nation became a model for others to follow.
10. We are proud to be Americans.

Write each sentence. Draw a line between complete thoughts.
11. The meeting was secret the doors were closed.
12. George Washington came he led the meeting.
13. James Madison took notes he wrote quickly.
14. Everyone had questions ideas were exchanged.
15. Twelve states sent delegates all arrived.
16. A few delegates became angry some people left.
17. Votes were taken the ballots were counted.
18. The delegates agreed they decided on many issues.

Rewrite each sentence as two separate sentences.
19. Some people wanted states'rights others voted against it.
20. Delegates believed in the people they thought the people should run the government.
21. Thirty-nine delegates signed the newe Constitution they took their idea to the states.
22. Some wanted a bill of rights others said it was not needed.
23. The Bill of Rights was added it was approved in 1791.
24. It was a new idea for government the idea is still strong.
25. Our nation is over 200 years old it has changed very little.