Games for Learning 
Ms. Martinez's Quick Links
Boat Race Game This is a power point. When a boat color at the bottom of the page is clicked, the corresponding boat will move ahead. You provide your own questions, set up your teams. Teams get to move their boat when a question is answered correctly. 
Box Cars and One Eyed Jack Games This is a list of games for printing or playing with cards.
Classroom Game Templates The Price is Right, 10,000 Pyramid, Wheel of Fortune and many more power point templates for making games for review in the classroom.
How To Turn Excel Into Animation There is a template for downloading at this site. 
Jazzin' It Up With Game Shows in the Classroom Presentation and links This site also has some wonderful links for game shows.They are arranged by subject. 
Jeopardy Templates and Games Links This site from Srpingdale School includes both templates and games.
Jeopardy Games These site shows games that have been created by teachers in a variety subjects for K-12.
Jeopardy Games This site contains games created by 5th graders in a variety of subjects. Good 
MultiQ. This is a pdf document with instructions for creating thisquestion and answer review game in powerpoint. 
Power Point Games- Templates ** Are You Smarter than A Fifth Grader?, Who Want To Be a Millionaire, Twenty Questions and more. These are all in the blank templates.
Tech Teachers This site includes a list of links with excellent templates for making games in excel, inspiration, power point, forms and more.
Templates and Generators This site includes quite a list of templates and generators. 
Using Excel in the Classroom Use Excel in the classroom to make power point templates from workbooks by Internet 4 Classrooms.
Game Resources This site contains links to resources for a variety of games.
Power Point Games Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Change these games to fit your needs.
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