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Software Tutorials and Resources

Links Description
CHAMPs Icons This site has a series of pictures with an explanation under each. They are colored and ready for printing.
CHAMPs Icons This site has the CHAMPs pictures without writing. They are full page pictures.
CHAMPs Behavior Management PPT This is an excellent Power point for those who are unfamiliar with CHAMPs.
CHAMPs Power Point If you 'd like the short version of what CHAMPs is about, this is the site for you.
Inspiration - Quick Start Tutorial Inspiration is a software program that can be used to make graphic organizers such as venn diagrams, story maps, character maps, etc.
Inspiration Tutorial as a Power Point This site would be good to use to help introduce Inspiration to the class as a whole. Click on any of the links for power point presentations on topics.
Inspiration and Kidspiration Tutorials and Resources Everything you ever wanted to know about these programs with ideas and examples.
Kidspiration Quick Start Tutorial Kidspiration is a tool that helps students create stories, organize and categorize information, organize ideas with webs and visual diagrams, and brainstorm with pictures. 
Kidspiration in the Classroom This site by Vickie Blackwell gives examples of how Kispiration can be used.
Kispiration Movies-Tutorial This is an excellent site for audiovisual learning of the program byAtomic Learning.
Power Point For Kids This site is instruction and modules for use with kids.
Power Point In The Classroom This site is a power point presentation that is a tutorial. It would be helpful in upper grades and for teachers.
Power Point Tutorial Learning Electric presents information on developing power points - teacher friendly.
flip Board Resources This is the link to Promethean Planet. You must develop an account and a password in order to obtain ready made flip chart resources on a variety of topics.
flip Board Tutorial This site contains links to various types of tutorials including movies!
Teacher Web This is the site Abney Teachers use to develop class webpages.
Thinking Maps Software Tutorial This site is a pdf document which describes using the thinking maps software and related buttons. It also has some ideas for use in the classroom.
Thinking Maps - All About Them This site would be good to use to introduce and review the various maps with kids. Each map is discussed and examples are given.
Thinking Maps Examples This site includes great examples of student work. It may be a source of ideas.
Thinking Maps Lesson pdf This is an excellent site on Thinking Maps that is large enough to be reviewed with the entire class, or as a teacher refresher.
Thinking Maps - Flip Charts Several of the thinking maps flip charts are here.
Webpage Want to make a class webpage from scratch and need some know how? This site gives the basics.

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