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Literacy Planning Tools/Differetiation

Literacy Group Rotation Plan Page
Lesson Plan Template for Differentiation
Literacy Block Planning Template
 Literacy Circles-General Info.
  Differentiated Instruction Sources
 Anchoring Activities PPT

Reading Lessons

Understanding Setting, Plot, Theme
Understanding Plot
Understanding Setting
Setting Practice
Setting Practice
 Information Resources
 Sequence Lessons
 Compare and Contrast - Lessons
  Making Inferences
  Thinking Map Site
  Literature Circles
 Research Skill Worksheets
   Word STudy Web Page
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Textbook Stories

 King Adobe
  Paul Bunyan
  Fables Lesson
Fairy Tales Lesson
  Grain of Rice
  Lou Gehrig - Class Lesson
 Lou Gehrig - website
 Maria Isabel
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Graphic Organizers and Templates

Book Mark Template
 Flower Organizer
 Hand Summary Organizer
 Box Organizer
Character Connections Template
KWL Chart
Story Map Template
Basic Story Map
Making Connections Template
Thumbs Up Down Template
Character Trading Cards
Character Traits Form
Character Web
 Character Grid Template
Just the Facts Template
Cause-Effect Template
Problem - Solution Flow Chart
Story Form - Plot Graph
 Think Quest GO Charts
 Book Report Template 1
 Book Report PPT Template
 Book Report Directions
 Story Skeleton Book Report
 Story Skeleton Rubric
 Sandwich Book Project
 Sandwich Scoring Guide
 Character Traits Poster
 Book Report Ideas
 Simple Book Report form
 Story Map- Beginning, Middle, End
 Thinking Map Lesson
 Ms. Walters' Double Bubble Map
 Ms. Walters' Blank Word Web
 Ms. Walters' Word Web Key
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Center Activities and Templates

Vocabulary Foldable
 Laura Chandler'sLiteracy Stations
Fluency Center Directions
Oral Fluency Chart
Fluency Line Graph
Mad Scientist Center Directions
Mad Scientist Center Gameboard
Spill & Spell Center
Buddy Word Play Center Directions
 Buddy Word Play Template
Word Play Sample
Paired Reading Questions
 Smart Board Templates
  Online Centers
 Graph Online Center
 Florida Centers - Reading
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Cricket In Times Square Folder Work
Cricket In Times Square On Line Questions
 How To Eat Fried Worms
 Stone Fox(online Questions)
 Ben and Me
 More Ben and Me
 How To Eat Fried Worms Scavenger Hunt
 Rabbit Links
 Bunnicula-Ed Helper
 Bunnicula Jeopardy
 Bunnicula- Chapters Online
 Bunnicula Hangman
 Bunnicula Webquest
 Charlotte's Web Unit *
 Charlotte's Web -Fun School Unit
 Charlotte's Web Theme Unit 3
 Charlotte's Web 4
 Charlotte's Web - Ed Helper WS
 Links To Charlotte's Web Sites
 Charlotte's Web Hangman
 Charlotte's Web - emints Unit
  Charlotte's Web - Activities
 Stone Fox 2
 Stone Fox Folder Games
 Stone Fox 3 Lessons
  Bunnicula Unit -Ms. Martinez
 Mysteries of Harris Burdick plan
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Reading Resources

Folktale-Beauty and the Beast
Hare and The Tortoise- Aesop's Fables
Folktale- Rumplestiltskin
Folktales and Fairy Tales - Around the World
 Online Books
 Online Units
 Thematic Units - All Subjects
 Apple Unit
 Themes - All Subjects
 Online Stories
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More Adverbs (2)
 Comparing Adverbs
 Using Good and Well
 Double Negatives
  Double Negatives-Lex.County PPT
 Punctuate Titles
  Complete Sentences
 Run-On Sentences
 Think Quest Punctuation pdf
  Types of Sentences
  Complete Subjects and Predicates
 Simple Subjects & Predicates
 Daily Grammar ARchives


Creative Writing Guide
Story Telling Templates
Handwriting Chart
Portfolio Contents template
Character Writing
Story Character Outline
Hand Summary Organizer
Character Trading Cards
 Biography Maker
 Online Book Maker
 Persuasive Writing
 Create Your Own Adventure Online
 Address and Envelope Template
 Write Wacky Web Tales- Online
 Think Quest GO Charts *
 Write On Reader
 More Graphic Organizers
 Region 15 GO Charts
 Edu Place GO Charts
  The Writing Process*
 Think Quest Writing Site
 Write On Reader Site *
 Four Square Process pdf
 Writing Letters- Lesson
 Writing An Essay - Give Me Five
 Voice In Writing
 Organizing Writing
 Vocabulary in Writing
  Writing 5 paragraph essays
 Resources for Writers
 Word Games To Improve Writing Skills
 Writing Process, Types of Writing
 Editing Writing
 Language Mechanics
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Alliteration/Acrostic Poems
 Poetry Splatter
 Glossary of Poetic Words
 Interactive Poetry Pages
 Poem of the Day
 Rhyming Dictionary
 Interactive Acrostic Poems
 Haiku Lesson
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 Hundreds Chart
 Roman Numerals Chart
 Word Problem Game Board
 Blank Check Template
 Fraction City
 Proper Fractions
 Improper Fractions
 Division Bingo
 Grocery Store Math- Home Activity
 Family Budget Activity
 Fraction/Decimal Worksheets
 Simplify Fractions
 Mixed Fractions
 All About Fractions
 Adding Fractions/ Brainpop
 Tangrams Lesson
 Measurement Units
 Making Change Center
 Writing Money Center
 List the Coins Math Center
 Standard, Expanded, Word Form Center
  Unit 1 Lessons
  Interactive Multiplication Practice
  Excel Activities
  Pie Chart
  map coordinates
 Misleading Graphs
 Bar Graph Excel
 Excel Fraction Demo
 Counting Money Excel
 Multiples Generator Excel
 How Many Ways to 12
 Comparing Graphs
 Circle and Bar Graphs
 Graph & Analyze Data WS/test
 Graph & Analyze Data Test 2
  Blank times tables grid
 Interactive Times Table Grid
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 Simple Machine- Lever
 Simple Machines Test
 Simple Machines Answers
 Useful Properties of Matter
 Food Chain Game
 Dental Hygiene Game
 Electric Currents Study Guide
 Physical & Chemical Changes
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Social Studies

 Name the Continents Chart
 Americana Trivia Game
 U.S.Map Home Activity
 Family Collage
 Regional Resources
 Family Time Capsule
 Family Time Line Activity
 Around the World Family Activity
 Latitude & Longitude
 The Southwest
  Ms.M's SS Test Prep
  Map Coordinates
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 Tech Tools for Literacy

 Stained Glass - Family
 Artists - self portraits
 Spoon Bunny
 Arts and Craft Recipes

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