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Rewrite this letter. Add capital letters and commas where they are needed.  We will check on the active board.

                                                                                                                                    2103 granite road
                                                                                               arlington texas 76013
                                                                                               august 16  2007

dear laurie

            thank you for inviting karen and me to your skating party.  She and I both like to ice skate and we had a wonderful time.  Please come to see us soon.

                                                                            your friend

    Addressing an envelope: Capitalize all proper nouns in envelope addresses.
Use a comma between the city and the state names.  Leave a space between the state and the ZIP code. Use a postal abbreviation for the state name.

Rewrite these parts of an envelope.  Add capital letters, commas, and periods where they are needed.
(ws. p. 109)
1.  ms. katie navarro
    1002 park st.
    tyron NC 28782

2.     mr josh lindley
        419 roundup rd
        elkton MD 21921

3.    ms. kacy tabata
        3103 front st
        slidell LA 70458

4.      mr. david cortez
         7200 kostmayer ave
         slidell  LA 70458

5.     mr a  f  hassan
        904 robert road
        slidell  LA  70460