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Tangrams Activity


Objective: TLW investigate tangrams and learn that tangrams were used by the Chinese people to illustrate characters of stories that were told. TLW review the terms: slide, flip , turn (slide, rotation, translation). TLW use tangram shapes to create a design and write a story about the shape.

Tangram websites:

Grandfather Tang?s Story online:(no longer available online)

How To Make Tangrams Video

Small Tangram worksheet to cut out PDF

Tangram Puzzles WS to try with your tangram pieces

Translation Demo

Rotation Demo:

Reflection Demo:

Sample Tangram designs:

Online Tangram Puzzles to Play

Directions for making your own tangrams:

Thinking Fountain?s Tans:

Enchanted Minds Tangrams- Interactive Tangram, click on the button.

Tangram Links:

A tangram movie about football:

Enchanted Learning Tangrams:

A Story with tangrams:

Interactive Tangram applet:

Tangram Games from PBS: