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This is a website that lists skills, questions, and activities for each category of Bloom's taxonomy.
This is a chart of the cognitive processes with key words to use for writing objectives under remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, create.

CHAMPs Power Point


This power point contains the basics for teaching CHAMPs expectations at the beginning of the year or as a reminder throughout the year. The slides have been created from a white board resource and therefore cannot be edited in this format. A CD is available at school which contains the whiteboard presentation.
Expectations for riding the bus.
Expectations for behavior in the cafeteria:Power point
Expectations for behavior in the restroom: Power Point
Expectations for behavior in the hall way: Power Point
Ideas for whole class reinforcement when the CHAMPO board has been completed.
Stories to Grow by With Hootie Owl is a site that has fairy tales and children's plays with a positive theme. The stories are available on audio and in text form and have writing assignments and plays to go along with it.

Cheers 1Cheers 2

Cheers 3 Cheers 4

Teach these cheers to students for use in cooperative learning groups to promote team building within the classroom. Print on card stock and hole punch to place on a ring for easy access.
This is a blank chart to use for listing students and work.
eThemes is a source for content-rich, kid-safe online resources that will help enhance teaching . eThemes provides free access to collections of websites on many topics. Alphabetical List
This sheet is placed inside the student's test folder for parent signature. Change the nine weeks session at the top of each page and include teacher name and web address before printing.
Christmas, Hannakkuh, Kwanzaa

IPod 101

iTunes Tutorial

This Power Point will familiarize you with the process of using the Ipod Touch in the classroom.
This template accomodates 3 subjects and centers.
Site for the state of Louisiana Depart of Education
This is an interactive site that allows teachers to connect to the state benchmarks and standards to "Make Connections". Lesson plans, websites, and resources are also available on this site.
This slide show can be printed as needed for posters to display standards, benchmarks, and GLEs for math for fourth graders.
"How To" use all the parts of Microsoft Word.
National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers, Students, and Administrators.
Basic template for a classroom newsletter.
This is a power point presentation that can be printed as posters of 6 strategies for reading comprehension. The information for the power point was obtained from this site.
Station and Team Cards
Station A,B,C,D,E,F,G, H and Team 1, Team 2, 3,4,5,6. This is a power point that can be printed on card stock.

Structures Power Point 1

Structures Power Point 2

These power points contain strategies for reviewing cooperative learning structures with students. They are the same strategies, just two different power points.
Use this board when choosing students for cooperative learning activities. Print on tag and laminate.
Expectations for the hall, cafeteria, playground, assemblies, car line, bathroom, and bus.
4 sets of student information cards on one sheet; List important Student information at the beginning of the year .
Rubric used for planning lessons and preparing for observations.
One page document which includes behavior, classwork, and homework charts for Monday through Friday for Math, Science, and Social Studies
Print from a power point slide onto tag paper. Take this to the Office Store and have it laminated with thick laminating paper. Use for cooperative learning groups. Flat, takes up less space than wipe erase boards.





Math Websites

This is a variety of sites with interactive manipulatives that can be used in math class.
This chart contains all the types of tools needed for demonstrating every day math activities. It would be great to use when introducing a new concept or reviewing old concepts as needed, or to create your own EDC monthly charts.
This is a wiki page that has links to my math flip charts as they are used in class.
Louisiana's standards and benchmarks in interactive format for review.
A variety of sites for working with money
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Many different sites on each strand of math and for a variety of grade levels.
Math and Science activities for learners and instructors. Many are interactive.





Math Worksheets/ Resources

Fourth Grade Expectations for learning in math
This is a model TAP lesson that is excellent for teaching 1/4 , 1/2, 3/4 and the related percent amounts.
You will need either 2 sets of 0 to 9 digit cards or dice and a recording sheet. Use the cards or dice to build a number using the place value chart and expanded form to compare two players numbers.

The object of the game is to write 2, 3, or 4 digit numbers from smallest to largest. Each player creates a recording sheet. They take turns rolling the number cubes and deciding how to arrange the numbers to create a new number. After stating the number, the player decides where to write the number on the recording sheet. If a player is not able to write a number in an empty square, the player loses a turn. Play continues until one player has filled in the recording sheet and proves that the numbers are in sequence from smallest to largest.

Students use this sheet for recording answers to math task cards below. Teacher can also fill in the blanks with more specific center activities for students to complete during the week.
Use these cards in a center. Provide students with a center journal to record information for the week.
A document which lists many websites
This station is a set of cards with answers. The objective is to have students practice counting out money with the fewest number of bills and coins possible. Place cards in a zip lock bag with appropriate play money. Money amounts do not include hundreds.
Students use a price list and a recipe to figure out a budget given a certain amount of money to spend.
This has multiples for 2 through 12. There is a set in 6 different colors for differentiating the pieces for your different cooperative groups. The multiples of each color can be cut as reference cards to keep in the team basket or folder. They can also be cut apart and placed in a snack bag for the students to practice sequencing when finished classwork.
This is a set of colored hundreds charts of the multiples for 2-13. They were created using this interactive website: .
This is a Times Table Checklist for kids to complete. They are to put a star in the box next to the facts they know, put the answer next to the facts they are unsure of. There is room for up to 3 stars and checks for each fact.
Multiplication Progress Chart
This chart is used during the course of a couple of weeks to help students chart their progress with basic facts. Each day 10-15 flash cards are held up for a quiz. The students fold their papers 4 ways in a hot dog fold and list the quizes for the week on one sheet of paper. Students check their paper with their shoulder partner. Each child records the number correct on the progress record. Students who show improvement daily receive a fish slip.
This is a set of papers to place on a manilla folder as stations for practice with a stop watch. Change the stations signs to fit the times table being used.
Colorful vertical list of multiples

Place Value Practice: Copy one set for each team of 2 people on tag or index cards. Cut apart.  Place in individual zip locks for group work. - Practice place value order : ones, tens... Also [ractice reading large numbers or practice  with base 10 blocks and expanded form.

These are a set of 5 charts on a page for cooperative groups to use as reference.
Numbers to thousands- write the number in expanded form.
Practice worksheet with numbers to the ten thousands
This worksheet can be used as practice or a quiz.
Pumpkin Answer Document
Measure area, perimeter, practice estimating and exact, and circumference with pumpkins. This document is the way to record student participation.
This is a station for practicing multiples. Place the small pumpkins on the correct spot of the hundreds chart for each set of multiples.
This is a picture graph about pumpkins.
Power point which explains RICE: Restate, Illustrate, Compute, Explain
All numbers ending in 0,1,2,3,and4 are yellow (caution- slow up- don't go on);Green-all numbers ending in 5,6,7,8,9- round up to the higher number; Red- all numbers ending in zero -
This station is played with 2 students who take one card and write the answers on a wipe erase board. The buddy either praises or coaches his team mate to the correct answer. (They quiz each other and then trade cards.)
Use the idea of a mountain and a car to teach rounding down and rounding up. Also included is a center list for rounding number practice.
Rounding 2 digit numbers to the nearest ten and hundred; estimating sums and differences
Round to the nearest hundred; and solve addition problems.
Students read a word problem and decide to give an estimate or exact answer.
Practice rounding to the nearest ten
Practice rounding to the nearest hundred
Practice rounding to the nearest thousand
This a blank sheet with squares for students to use to show work for word problems.












Science Worksheets

Fourth Grade Expectations for learning in science
Practice using the question stem in the answer.








Social Studies Websites and Worksheets

Fourth Grade Expectations for learning in social studies
Online Resources, Webquests, Games, Themes
Explorer, Colonial Life, Native Americans, Settlers, American Revolution, Oregon Trail, Pioneers, Trails West, Westward Expansion, Government, Our Country's Documents, Civil War, Symbols, Economics, Neighborhood, Landforms, Biographies
Free educational videos