Vicki A. Martinez

Teaching With Technology: Lessons And WebsitesThat Pack A Punch
Grades 3-5

   "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors,
must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."             James Madison

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  The participants will receive a list of interactive websites for use in classrooms for grades 3,4, and 5.

  The participants will view and explore  samples of interactive lessons, websites, videos, and power point presentations  specifically designed and useful for grades 3, 4, and 5.

  The participants will view the possibilities contained in specific interactive websites for use within lessons, with Promethean  Boards or without .

  The participants will understand the benefits of designing a classroom website for daily use in order to effectively integrate technology into instruction.

Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching Domain  III:  Instruction

Component A: The teacher delivers instruction effectively.

Attribute: IIIA5The teacher integrates technology into instruction.

There are a myriad of ways that technology can be integrated effectively into instruction.

- The teacher uses technology to present information or to provide examples and illustrations.

- Students use technology (or the products of technology) to create, collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts, and other audiences.

- The teacher and/or students use appropriate technology resources for solving problems and making informed decisions.

- The teacher and/or students use the technological concepts, principles, impact, and applications as the focus of classroom activities and discussions.

My Website Address

( Another way to access the above web address, which is the way I teach my students, is to google  Walter L. Abney Elementary. Go to Faculty. Go to fourth grade. Go to Martinez. Click on links. Click on  Special Class Webpage.)

Sample Lessons With Technology Integration

  Literacy Block Planning Template
 King Adobe
 Paul Bunyan
 Cricket in Times Square
 Run-On Sentences
 Punctuating Titles
  Letter Writing
 Social Studies

LEAP/Testing  Resources

 Louisiana PASS
 LPB Learning Port Videos
 LEAP Sample Practice Tests
 LEAP Resources
 Testing Tips
 Math Online Practice
 Study Zone
 FCAT Math Test Prep
 Texas Test Prep-Lessons, Power Points (Math)
 Texas Test Prep - ELA
 Texas Science Test Prep Questions
 Interactive Assessment Worksheets/Activities
 Website Links - All Subjects

Useful Teacher Tools

 Online EZ Grader
 Class Timer
 Teacher Tools and Templates
 Forms and Letters
 Jeopardy Templates
 Certificate Maker
 Online Quiz Maker
 Online Puzzle Maker
   Create A Graph
 Fry's Readability Graph
 Find Text Reading Level
 Tech Tools for Literacy
 Technology Integration
 Web Based Projects
 Internet for Kids Tutorial
 Online Typing Tutor

Promethean Board Resources

 White Board Tutorial
 White Board Resources
 National Whiteboard Network
 Interactive Resources
 More Links
 BBC Resources
 CrickWeb Resources

A Few Subject Area Tools

 Interactive Manipulatives
 Virtual Manipulatives
 Math Dictionary for Kids
 Virtual Dice
 Teaching clock
 Educational Java Programs
 Pattern Blocks
 Multiplication Flash Cards
 Interactive Hundreds Chart
 Virtual Skip Counting Practice
 Rhyming Dictionary
 Parts of Speech Quizzes
 Create Your Own Adventure
 Student Publishing
 Sign Language Chart
 Hundreds Chart
 Roman Numerals Chart
 Cursive Handwriting Chart
 Biography Maker
 Online Book Maker
 Online Wacky Web Tales
 Laura Chandler's Literacy Stations
 The Writing Process
 Place The State
 LA Facts
 More LA Facts
 Links for Kids & Parents

Fun And Games

 Month To Month
 Daily Word Search
 Toy Maker
 Paper Helicopter/Video
 Tic Tac Toe
  Symmetry Game
 Vocabulary Game
 Stop the Clock
 Polygon Matching Game
 Bowling For Fractions
 Billy Bug Coordinates
 I Know That Games
 Solar System Coloring Book