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    This site includes links to assist in the creation of  a variety of presentation types from avatars to power points to movies. 
  The Helpful Downloads and Links section includes editing downloads and links to tutorials.
"How To" includes video tutorials and demonstrations.
Discussion Groups is an opportunity to learn from others and share helpful insights.
Sample Movies is an opportunity to view some ideas for creating movies and presentations. 


Helpful Downloads and Links 

Microsoft Photo Story 3 Download Photo Story 3 is a free download that can be used to create movies from digital photographs or power point slides. Music, narration, and transitions can be added to make the presentation interesting.To use power point slides as images within photostory 3, first save each slide as a png. This program is extremely easy to use. Digital stories can be created by students. Classroom presentations can be made with each student in the class or within a group.
Windows Media Player 10 Windows Media Player 10 is needed to run Photo Story 3. Download at this site. 
Windows Movie Maker Download Windows Movie Maker is a video editing software. You can import videos or pictures into the program in order to create movies with titles, transitions,and credits. 
Camtasia Studio 6 Camtasia Studio is a device that can be used to capture information on your computer screen for use in presentations. It can also be used to capture, edit, and share other videos. This site has a trial download. 
Snag-It Free Trial Snag It is screen capture software that can be used to to easily capture information on your computer screen. It also allows you to add effects for use in presentations. This site has a free 30 day trial period. It is very simple to use.The purchase price varies according to the number of users, but can be as little as $60. 
Swish Swish is easy Flash animation software. This link is a 30 day download trial. 
Pod Bean Pod Bean has free Podcast hosting services. 

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"How To" 

Making An Avatar With a Webcam Demo
This is a step by step video demonstration view of how to create an avatar with the Logitech Quick Cam 9000 from the desk top.The Demo was created using Camtasia Studio 6
Flip Camera Movie Maker Tutorial If you need something to help you get started using the flip video camera, this is the site to see. 
Flip camera video Are you smarter than a fourth grader? Let some fourth graders show you how to use the Flip Camera. 
Instructional Technology Development Program This site contains Photostory tutorials and basics.
JOL Photo Story Tutorial This site contains Photo Story Tutorials and Basics. 
Creating Power PointPresentations This is an audio video tutorial .

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Discussion Group 
Quick Topics Discussion Board QuickTopic free message boards
Discuss What questions do you have in the video/movie making process
Wiki Spaces Discussion This site is a wiki. Feel free to add information, ideas. 
V. Martinez's Ning Page  Ning is a type of social networking space that allows individuals to create space for contacting and interacting with friends, family, or business aquaintances. It's very similar to other social networking sites. It is free and easy to use. It's a little like a wiki. On my ning page you will find a demonstration on making an avatar and may participate in a discussion on Photo Story 3 and other things. 

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Sample Movies 

Many movies have been removed due to parish policies.  
How To Use a Flip Camera Are you smarter than a fourth grader? This video shows fourth graders demonstrating "how to" use the flip camera. This video was edited with Windows Movie Maker
Dynamite Diamantes This video is a series of power point slides created by fourth graders. Each slide was saved as a png file and then imported into Photo Story 3.
Hurricane Gustav Interviews This video was created by students on the eve of Hurricane Gustav. Students interviewed the principal, teachers, and paras as to whether they were evacuating. 
CHAMPs Procedures This is a series of videos of teachers demonstrating CHAMPs techniques in a variety of situations. Some of them were video taped by students.
How To Use Quick Cam Software to Create Avatars
This demonstration is a step by step tutorial for using the Quick Cam Pro 9000 Web Cam to create avatars. Through the use of Camtasia Studio, screen captures assist with the demonstration process.
Student Created Avatars Students in fourth grade completed these avatars after creating 5 paragraph essays. The avatars were rewarding and motivational for students to complete the writing process.
Veterans Day Movie This video was created in Windows Movie Maker using scanned pictures of veterans of students' family members. 
Teacher Modeled Lessons for Champs This site is a set of videos of teachers modeling CHAMPs expectations within various settings. 
Teacher Math Lesson Video This math lesson was video taped by a student and placed on a class website for review and reference by students. 
Student Created Presentations This site contains a variety of presentations created by students. 

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