by James Howe

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Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Chapter 1 Pod Cast

Read Chapter 1:  Complete the worksheet. All Short answer questions but include the question stem and be answered in complete sentences.
 Chapter 1 Podcast

1. admonition - a warning or reminder

2. reverie - day dream, pleasant, distant thought

3. tranquil - calm, quiet

4. decipher   - find the meaning of

5. mongrel - dog or animal of mixed breeding



Chapter 2

 Chapter 2 Pod Cast

Read Chapter 1:  Complete the worksheet. All Short answer questions but include the question stem and be answered in complete sentences.

1. supernatural - unearthly

2. eerie - strange

3. compelled - forced

4. sustenance - nourishment; food

5. aura - air


Chapter 3

 Chapter 3 Pod Cast

1. energetic -vigorous, active

2. indulgent - yielding to someone's wishes, permissive

3. wafted- blown lightly

4. idiotic - senselessly foolish; stupid

5. significant- important; consequential


Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Pod Cast

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Use the class dictionary to look up the meaning of these words.
1. scholarly

2. sauntered

3. aghast

4. taut


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Chapter 5

 Chapter 5 Podcast

1. blight - any of several diseases that wither or kill plants

2. organic - natural, made from living things.

3. grimace - expression that shows strong negative feelings

4. menacingly - in a threatening evil way.

5. nursing - taking care of oneself

6. immobile - incapable of moving or being moved.

7. feline - of the cat family

8. listless - having little interest in anything.

Chapter 6

 Chapter 6 Pod Cast

1. Emanated  - came forth from something

2. Pathetic - pitiful, causing others to feel sympathy

3. Pendant - hanging ornament such as a locket

4. Scruff - loose skin that covers the back part of the neck

5. Verbalized - said aloud, put into words

Chapter 7
 Ch 7 podcast


1.  Exemplary  - disgraceful

2.  Devious  - honest

3.  Listless - lively

4.  Commotion  -  calm

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Chapter 8

1. bewilderment- state of being confused

2. imminent - about to occur

3.  isolating - to set apart from others

4. nabbed- seized or grabbed

5. petrified - to be unable to move on, or act,  because of fear or surprise

6. predicament- a situation that may be unpleasant

7. stealthily- acting with quiet caution or sneakily

8.  over wrought - too nervous or excited; strained; tense.

9. disaster -a happening that causes much damage or suffering; as a flood or earthquake; catastrophe

10. psychiatrist - a doctor who takes care of people who are mentally ill

11. reluctance - not wanting to do something; unwilling.

12. narrative - a story; a report of happenings; tale.


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Chapter 9

1. resolved happily  -settled or solved in a good way
2. consumed my thoughts  - filled one's mind
3. fraught with complications -loaded with problems
4. emotionally overwrought - overcome by feelings

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