"In The Days of King Adobe"
Theme Book 4
Essential Questions
  How do lessons learned from folktales and fables relate to life?
  Why do people use stories to explain life's wonders?
  How do folktales and fables help solve problems?
  How do writers use language and information to make a story come alive?
  How do folktales use wisdom and cleverness to prevent the schemes of scoundrels?
  How do folktales give readers a sense of place and time of a culture?
  What patterns of character traits are found in folktales?
  How is my life similar/unlike the character in the story or book I am reading?


1. thrifty- careful in spending

2. generous- large, plentiful

3. roguish - treacherous; dishonest

4. rascally - naughty; dishonest

5. fascinated - amazed; intrigued.

Genre- folktale
A folktale is a story that was first told orally. It reveals the customs and beliefs of a culture. The purpose was to entertain or teach a lesson.

What is a folk tale?
-story that began with oral storytelling
-passed down through the ages
-teaches a lesson
-explains why things are as they are
Examples of Folk tales:
*Tortoise and the Hare
*The Three Little Pigs
*Jack and the Beanstalk
*Bre’r Rabbit and Bre’r Fox
 GC Folk Tale PPT
 GC Vocabulary PPT

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Folktales & Fairy Tales PPT

Focus Skill: Summarize and Paraphrase; Antonyms And Synonyms

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 Summary Organizer
 Story Map Form
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Reading Comprehension Questions
In The Days of King Adobe

1.  What does the old woman do with most of the vegetables she grows?
2. What is the old woman able to do by being thrifty?
3.  What do the travelers ask the old woman permission to do?
4.  How to the people in the story feel about eating meat?
5.  The young men were rascals. What does this mean?
6.  What were the men doing when they were supposed to be sleeping?
7.  What was something that the old woman had learned how to do after many years of living?
8.  How do the young men make fun of the old woman?
9.  Who is Adobe the great?
10. Who is Hambone the first?
11.  Name two things the old woman does to show kindness to the young men.
12.  What lesson do the young men learn from the old woman?

Lesson Skill: Summarize/ Paraphrase Text pg. 390-91
To Summarize a passage, tell about the most important parts. Use summarizing when you want to state in a few words what the main ideas of a selection are.
To Paraphrase a passage, retell it in your own words. Use paraphrasing when you want to restate in your own words what someone else wrote or said.

     A hungry but craft fox was trotting through a grove of trees when a sound made her look up at a branch above.  There sat a blackbird holding a bunch of juicy grapes in his beak."How can I get those grapes?" the fox asked herself.  Then she had an idea.
     "What beautiful feathers you have!" called the fox.  The vain blackbird nodded. "But it's a shame." continued the fox, "that you can't sing."  The blackbird opened his mouth to sing, and the bunch of grapes fell down and was snapped up by the fox.

Retellings:One retelling is a good summary and the other is not.
     A crafty fox had been unsuccessful in her hunting, so she was very hungry.  When she went through a grove, a sound made her look up.  She saw a blackbird with juicy grapes in his beak.  The fox asked herself how she could get those grapes.

 A hungry fox saw a bird holding a bunch of grapes in his beak and decided to get them from him.

Tip: As you read, pause to summarize the most important details.  Paraphrase what you read to show that you understand it.

Sample article to read and summarize:
One Man's Goal to Travel ARound the World

 Summary Orgaizers

o Circle all of the words that tell WHO the article is about.
o Star all of the words that tell WHAT the article is about.
o Underline the WHEN and WHERE descriptions
o Draw a Box around the WHY and HOW it happens phrases
o Cross Out anything that is left because it is not useful

Review(wb p 127)

The Old Woman -  lives in one place; kind to strangers; unselfish.
The Two Young Men - travel around the country; play tricks on strangers; selfish
Both - make a secret plan; make up a dream ; trick each other.

    The old lady discovers that the men have stolen her ham. she places it in their bag with an adobe brick.  Later, when the men describe a fake dream they had, she tells them her own fake dream about King Adobe.  When the men find the adobe brick later, they are surprised.