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 Hemispheres, Oceans, Continents
  Major Landforms
  Bodies of Water
  Definitions of Landforms
  All About Maps


Purposes of Government
  State and National Government
  Constitution- Branches of Government

Locate places on a map or representation of a globe, for example:
—the United States
—major landforms (for example, Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains,
Grand Canyon)
—major bodies of water or waterways (for example, the four oceans, Gulf of
Mexico, Mississippi River, Great Lakes)
—Equator, North Pole, South Pole

Hemispheres, Continents, Oceans, Poles, Equator
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 Preamble Pod Cast 

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 Continents Map

 Blank Map

 Quia Continents & Oceans Interactive

Major Landforms and Bodies of Water: Rocky Mts., Appalachian Mts., Grand Canyon, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River, Great Lakes

 Lesson Plan

 U.S. Physical Map

 USA Map

 Arizona, the Grand Canyon State

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 Great Lakes Worksheet

 Great Lakes Fill In Blank

 Ms. Delaup's Great Lakes Tree Map

 Great Lakes Facts & Figures

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 American Geography Close-UpsVideo

 Landforms Link

-Identify or compare the distinguishing characteristics of various bodies of water (for example, lakes, oceans, seas, gulfs) and waterways/rivers.
-Describe or compare mountainous areas, hilly areas, plains, swamps, and deserts.
-Identify examples or compare the distinguishing characteristics of various landforms, for example:—continents—islands—plateaus, plains, hills, and mountains—deserts—swamps, marshes, and wetland

Bodies of Water- definitions
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 Label Landforms Worksheet

 United Streaming: Geographical Features: bodies of water

Landform - definitions
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 Landforms map ws

 Landforms Video

 Geographical Features: Landforms Video

• Describe the characteristics and uses of various types of maps, for example:
—political, physical, elevation/topographic, population, population density, natural resource, precipitation, climate
• Use a map key/legend, symbols, distance scale, and boundaries to interpret a map.
• Use a compass rose and cardinal or intermediate directions to interpret a map.
• Identify all U.S. states by shape and position on a map.

All About Maps
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 Ben's Map Practice

 US Geography Map Games

 Map Reading Activity1

 Map Reading Activity 2

 Label the states ws

Latitude and Longitude
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 Practice using Latitude and longitude

 More practice

 Geography Game

 Map Games

 Locate latitude and longitude of states

 About the Prime Meridian

Map Scales
Symbols - Lesson Power Point

 Types of maps ppt

 Measurement Choicesp 16

 How To Measure-p17

 Harcourt Interactive map scale practice

 Quizville Map Scale Practice

 More Quizville Map Scale Practice

 Map Scale Worksheet

 Deliver the pizza Game

 Louisiana Facts and Map


Identify the necessity or basic purposes of government in such terms as establishing
order, providing security, managing conflict, and providing services.
• Identify ways that government helps meet the basic needs of society, for example:
—providing education
—supplying social welfare
—building and maintaining roads
—providing and maintaining public facilities (post office, hospitals, schools,
• Distinguish between limited government wherein powers of leading government officials
are limited (for example, by a constitution) and unlimited government wherein there is
little or no control over the ruler’s power (for example, as in a dictatorship).
• Identify major responsibilities of local, state, and national government (for example,
national defense, levying taxes, building roads or state highways).
• Identify the three branches of the federal government—legislative, executive,
judiciary—and describe their primary functions.


Purposes of Government
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 Quia Practice questions

 The Constitution ppt

 Ben's Guide to Government Discussion and Review site

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 Forms of Government PPT

 Brain Pop - Presidential Elections 

 Brain popPresidential Power 

 Primaries and Caucuses 

State and National Powers of Government
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 Tree Map Worksheet

The Constitution- Branches of Government
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 Branches of Government Vocabulary Game

 Ms. Walters' Power Point

 Branches of Government PPT 2 *

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• Identify examples of goods and services and explain the differences between goods and
• Explain how economic wants, or desires that can be satisfied by consuming a good or
service, affect individual or group decisions about allocating limited resources.
• Explain or analyze trade-offs, or getting a little more of something in exchange for a
little less of something else.
• Identify what is gained and what is given up in choosing one of several alternatives (for
example, skating with friends vs. bowling with parents).
• Weigh the factors involved in a choice or decision (for example, discuss the choices and
decisions involved in developing a personal budget).
• Identify examples of resources used to produce things, including natural resources (for
example, coal), human resources (for example, workers), and capital resources (for
example, machines).
• Identify various ways in which resources are used (for example, use of trees to produce
wood for building, wood products, and heat).
• Describe the particular combination of natural, human, and capital resources needed to
produce a given good or given service.


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