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LEAP Practice
Math Tools
Basic Facts
Number Sense
Word Problems
Social Studies
Teacher Tools


LEAP Practice - All Subjects

Study Zone
Louisiana Pass (LEAP)
 Website List All Subjects
 Interactive Assessment Worksheets
 Texas Test Prep Lessons  Power Points
 FCAT Test MathPrep 
  TxCAE ELA -Lessons-Pre-Post Tests
 NY Science Test Practice
 LPB Learning Port Videos-LEAP
 Math LEAP Online Practice
 LEAP Resources
 LEAP Practice Tests
 LEAP Test Taking Tips
 LEAP Practice
 How To Study.com
 Test Taking Skills
 LEAP Links
 LPB Videos for LEAP
 Ms. M's LEAP Practice Site
 Interactive Sites - all areas
 Mrs. Renz Fourth Grade Math
 Fourth Grade Lessons - Beyond the Textbook
  Labette County Lessons - all subjects
  SS TCAP Skills (I4C)
 All Subjects Sites
 Duke Univ. Tutoring Lessons
  C. French ELA LEAP
 C. French Math LEAP Practice
  C. French SS Prep
 C. French Science Prep
 C. French's Answers
 ELA Narrative Writing Scoring Sample 
 Write On WRiting Prompts
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Power Point Presentations/Videos

 JC Schools
 United Streaming
 Brain Pop
 ELA Power Points
 Storiebooks Online
 Audio Stories
 Brain Pop Junior
 Writing Sentences &Pparagraphs
 Virtual Field Trips
 Grades 3-5 powerpoints - all subjects
 Language Arts Power Points
 Odd/Even Numbers
 Place Value
 Comparing Fractions
 Folktales & Fairy Tales
 Online Timer
 Primary Resources
 Math Power Points
 Lexington County Power Points-All Subjects
 Four Square Paragraphs
 Solids, Liquids, Gases
 Food Chain
 General Science
 Four Square Paragraph - Mr. Money Bag Games
 Solar System
 All About Nouns
 Place Value
 Dazzling Decimals
 All Subjects 1
 All Subjects 2
 Simple Machines
 Getting Along
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Interactive Sites


 Comprehension Strategies
  Webster Dictionary
  Rhyming/Synonym Dictionary
  Main Idea
  Scrambled Words Fun/Vocabulary
  Phonics/Word Study
  Web Stories/Online Reading
  Prefix/Suffix Game
  Find Reading Levels of Text
  Vocabulary Pinball
  Words in Context/game
  Phonics-Word Blending Practice
  Synonym Game
  Tooth Tally Synonym Game
  Super Synonyms
  Synonym Matching Game
  Homographs Practice
 Happening Homonyms
  Synonym Quiz
  Synonym/Antonym Game
  Antonym Game
  Awesome Antonyms Match UP
 How To Eat Fried Worms
  Word Jungle Game
   Maryland ELA Sites
 4th Grade ELA Skills
  Rhyme Rodeo Game
  Reading Comprehension Practice
 Stone Fox
  Game Goo
  Digby Mole's I. Word Activities
 Starfall- Basic
  Pounce -Basic
  Research Skills
  Animated Tall Tales
  How To Eat Fried Worms Scavenger Hunt
 Word Dice
 Vocabulary Practice With A Dictionary
  Between the Lions - Basic
 Vocabulary Worksheets
 Dictionary Practice Worksheet
 Dictionary Practice- spelling words ws
 Dictionary Scavenger Hunt Ws
 Guide Words Quiz Sheet
 Literature Websites
  Novel Units Online
  Flip Book Creator
  Read Write Think Book Cover Creator
 Read Write Think Index
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 Every Day Edits Proofreading Practice
 Power Proofreading
 Student Publishing Sites
 ELA Practice
 Sign Language Chart
 White Board Grammar Resources
 Sentence Practice
 Grammar Practice Worksheets
 Language Arts Games
 Poetry Links
 Apostrophes for contractions and Possession
 Sentence Game
 Parts of Speech Lessons
Mad Libs
 Cinquain Practice
 Verbs in Poetry
 Acrostic Poem Tools
  Cursive Handwriting Chart
 Irregular Spelling Rules
 Regular Spelling Rules
 Alliteration Lesson
 Instant Poetry Forms
  Parts of Speech Online Quizes
  Guide to Grammar and Writing
  On line Book Maker
  Create Your Own Adventure On Line
 Acrostic Poem Links
  Graphic Organizers
  Spell A Roo I. Games
 The Writing Process
 Write On Reader
 Poetry Splatter
  Glossary of Poetic Terms
  Writing 5 paragraph essays
  Writing Interactive Activities
  Spelling & Grammar Practice Interactive Activities
  Rhyming Dictionary
  Poem of the Day
 Interactive Poetry Pages
 Thinking Maps Examples
 Thinking Map Site
 Thinking Map Examples
 Thinking Map Lesson
  More Maps
  Daily Grammar Archives
 Interactive Literacy Activities
  Sentence Builder Game
  Hamburger Paragraph PPT
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Math Tools

 Interactive Manipulatives
 Virtual Manipulatives
 Math Dictionary for Kids
 Teaching clock
 Quizville Math
 Virtual Dice
 LEAP4Fun Interactive Game
 Number Line - Interactive
 Hundreds Chart
  Roman Numerals Chart
 More Math Manipulatives
  Pattern Blocks - Manipulative
 Math is Fun Resources
 Pretend Checks Template
 Play Money to Print
 Check Book Register
 Harcourt Math Glossary
 Harcourt Math Skills Link
 Math Interactivate Tools
 Quia Math Resources
 Quia Math Resources
 Money Worksheet Creator
 A+ Worksheet Creators
 pdf. Worksheet Creator
 Division Worksheet Creator
  Create Money Worksheets
 Math Worksheets/Busy Teacher Cafe
 Dr. Ufigure Math Tutorials
 Dr. Ufigure's Math Lab
 NCTM Illuminations Lessons
  ED Helper WS all strands
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Basic Facts

 Multiplication Flash Cards
 Multiplication Worksheets
 Online Fact Quizes
 Multiplication Arrays
 Multiplication Concentration
 Quick Multiplication Fact Practice
 Multiplication Games
 Draggable Multiplication-Multi Digit
 Multiply or Divide by 10 or 100
 Division Multiples of 10
 Division Fact Practice Game
 Divisibility Rules - Practice
 Factor Game
 Divide by Multiples of 10
 Division Bingo
 Short Division
 Division Fact Game - Timed
 Mystery Picture Division - Interactive
 Math Computation Sheets
Hundredth Day Activity Ideas
  4 By 1 Division Practice
  Skip Count Factors - Virtual
  Quizville 3 by 2 multiplication
 Division Tables Timer- Quizville
 Number Swap - Division Game
 Number Swap - Mixed
 Quizville Combomatic (mult.-div.)
 Scrambled Operations Timer - Quizville
 Addition and Subtraction Links - Quizville
 Times Tables Practice - Quizville
 Ring of Circles Times Tables
 That's a Fact Game
 Interactive Fact Practice
  PPT Practice Math Facts *****
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Number Sense

 Interactive Hundreds Chart
 Rounding - Interactive
 Magnetic Place Value-expanded form
 Practice Making Change-Money
 Roman Numerals Interactive Game
 WhiteBoard Math Resources
  Skip Counting Practice-Virtual
 Skip Count Memory Game
Skip Count Factors - Virtual
 Distributive Property Practice - Quizville
 Input-Output Number Machine
 Interactive Shopping Game
 Concepts of Numbers Links
 Place Value and Rounding Links - Quizville
  Number Line Patterns
 Paint Ball
 Virtual - Adding & Subtracting - Number Line
 Choose the Operation
 Place a Number
 Oder whole number to 50
 Order Numbers to 100
 Order Numbers to 1000
 Oder Numbers to 10,000
 Order Numbers to 100,000
 Order Numbers to 1,000,000
 Cookie Dough - Match Number& Word
 Round and Add Game
 Add & Regroup
 Draggable Subtraction
 Money Interactive
 Rounding flashcards
 AAA Rounding Practice
 Rounding Worksheet Generator
 Interactive Rounding Practice
  BBC Math Interactive Activities
  Rain Forest Math - Interactive - All Areas
 Interactive Practice - all areas
  Ms. Lowe's math
  JC Schools Math
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Geometry, Measurement, Time

 Area and Perimeter Interactive Lesson
 Geometry Flash Cards- Interactive
 Geometric Terms/Games
 Elapsed Time Lesson/Practice
 Stop the Clock
 Bang On Time Game
  Area & Perimeter Interactive Game
 Interactive Shape Data Base
 Shape Pattern Blocks - Manipulative
  Geometry Webpage
 Geometry Review
All About Geometry
 Congruent Concentration
 Translation Demo 1
 Reflection Demo 1
 Rotation Demo 1
 Make Paper Polyhedra
 Geometry Activities
 Taxi Cab Geometry
 Tangram Games
 Cool Math 4 Kids Geometry
 Origami Using Nets
 Polyhedra Nets - Paper
 Symmetry Lessons
 Figures and Polygons
 Polygon Matching Game
 Quadrilateral Sorter
 Shapes Matching Game
 Bananna Hunt Angle Game
 Symmetry Game
 Measure Volume- pt., qt.
 Measure Mass - tons , kg
 Measure Length -Practice 2
 Measure Length- Interactive Practice 1
 LEAP Fractal Game
 Quizville Measurement
 Quizville - Geometry
 Quizville Coordinate Geometry
 Quizville Clocks
 Building Blocks-Volume
 Area- Quizvile Part 2
 Math Tutoring Lessons
 Geometry Worksheets
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Fractions, Decimals, Percent

 Adding Fractions
 Interactive Fractions with Circles
 Fractions -Mixed Numbers
 Renaming Fractions
 Comparing Fractions
 Fractions Games
 Fractions Flags - thirds
 Fractions Flags - halves
 Fraction Track
 Fractions Practice - AAA Math
 Operations With Fractions/Fun Brain
 Add Fractions Applet
 Sets of Fractions
 More Fractions-Quizville
 Fractional Areas - Part 2
 Percent - Quizville
 Equivalent Fractions
 Fraction Frenzy - Equivalent Fractions
 Visualize Adding Fractions/Diff. Denom.
 Who Wants Pizza?
 Math Splat - Add & Rename
 Fraction Model 3
 Compare Fraction, Decimal, Percent
 Online Fraction Calculator
 Fraction/Decimal Conversion
 Fraction/Decimal Worksheets
 Virtual Manipulative-Percent
 Penguin Waiter- Percent
 Simplifying Fractions
 Compare/Simpligy  Fractions
 Bowling For Fractions
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Word Problems

 Problem Solving Strategies
 Problem Solving Practice
 Story Problems- Mixed Practice-Interactive
 Word Problems
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 Interactive Cool Graphing
 Create a Graph
 Mean, Median, Mode
 Ordered Pairs - Bug Game
 Range - Quizville
 Mean, Median, Mode, Range
 BBC Mean Median Mode Interactive
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 Quizville Algebra
 3 equations,Algebra, Multiplicton
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Social Studies

Louisiana Facts - Government
 Louisiana Facts Coloring Book
 More Louisiana Facts
 Louisiana Map
 Landforms Practice
 World Atlas
 Map Skills Practice
 Regions of the U.S. Map Practice
 U.S. Maps & Geography
 50 States
 Louisiana Webquest
 U.S. Map Practice
 Ben's Guide to Government
 Congress for Kids
 Geo Net Game
 Name the Country Game
 Mystery State Archives
 State Capital Practice
 State and Capital Quiz Game
 News Sites
 LEAP Practice
 Growth of a Nation - Animated Atlas
 Scholastic News
 I Know That Games
  Virtual Map Scale Practice
  Map Scales 2
  U.S. Map Games - Sheppard Software
 Landform Images
 Types of Landforms
 Map Skills
 Washington D.C. PPT
 Free Worksheets/Maps
 Landform pictures-project
 Quia Landforms
 Harcourt Landforms
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 Science Fair Projects/Links
 Cool Science Games List
 Simple Machines
 Simple Machines Webquest
 Simple Machines Glossary
 Machines Interactive Lesson
 Electric Circuits
 Habitats and Biomes / Copies
 Factors Affecting Plants- interactive lesson
 Plant Reproduction
  Solar System Coloring Book
 National Geographic - Animals
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 Web Based Projects
 White Board Resources
 White Board Resources 2
 White Board Resources 3
 Smart Board Links
 Internet 4 Kids Tutorial
 Technology Integration
 Internet 4 Classrooms
  Smart Board- All Subjects
  Typing Tutor
  Game Goo 13 Games
 Working With color
 AAAButtons Creator
 Clip ARt
  Anne'sSchool Days Clip Art
 Go Graph Clip Art
 Gifs Now
 Teacher Files Clip ARt
 The TEacher Spot Clip ARt
 Web Templates.com
 Super color chart
 Java Script Basics
 Useful Scripts
 Teacher Spot Smiley Clips
 Teacher Files Free Resources
 Sites for Editing Images
 Flaming Texts
 3D Text Maker
 Diana Dell Worksheet Generators
 Easy Test Maker.com
 Midge Frazel Power Point Resources
 Web Tech Graphics For Web Pages
 Graphics by SnoGirl
 Graphics by Mama Estes
 Bells 'N Whistles
 Web Page Editing Tools
 Pat's Web Graphics
 Flip Book creator
 Email Abbreviations Interactive
 Vicki B's PPT tutorial
 PPT resources
 Parade of Games in PPT
 PPT Games and Templates
 PPT Etiquette
 PPT Step by Step
 Vicki B PPT 2
 Front Page Resources
 Computer and Internet Basics
 Trouble Shooting
 Microsoft Publisher Resources
 Microsoft Word Tutorials
 Microsoft Excel Tips
 Internet Treasures
 Tech in Primary Classroom
 Classroom Resources in Technology
 Creating Teacher Web Pages
 Power of Palms
 Digital Cameras
 KidPix Resources
 Power Point Resources
 VickiB's Templates
 Premade PPT VickiB
  Beginner's Guide to HTML
 How To Make a Web Page
 Sizzling HTML
  Create Pictograph- Excel
  Fraction Maker
  Jes Girl Templates _ Super!
  3D Text maker
  Power Point Templates
 Video Backgrounds
 More Video Backgrounds
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General Teacher's Helpers

 Online EZ Grading Scale
 On line class timer
 Online Timer
 Create Calendars
 Tools and Templates
 Forms and Letters
 White Board Tutorial
 Jeopardy Templates
 Award Maker
 Certificate Maker
 Puzzle Maker
 Graphic Organizers
 Easy Test Maker
 Differentiated Instruction Templates
 Sequencing Charts Templates - Flow charts
 Graphs & Charts Templates
 Long Range Planner
 More Graphic Organizers
 Test Score Analyzer
 Literacy Stations - Laura Chandler
 Literacy Block Planning Page
 Weekly Block Planning Page
 Vocabulary Foldable
 Book Mark Template
 KWL Chart
 Fry's Readability Graph
 Basic Reading Skills Rubric
 Behavior Report Form
 Transitions Behavior Rubric
 Note Book Rubric
 Weekly Homework Rubric
 Weekly Participation Rubric
 Weekly Behavior Rubric
 Portfolio Choice Card Template
 Chart Dog/CBM Charts
 CBM LIst Builder
 Bully Prevention Manual
 Power Point Tutorial
  Cursive Handwriting Chart
  Handwriting Sheets for each Alphabet Letter
  $1 bills
  $5 bills
 $10 bills
 $20 bills
  Talking Book Creator
 Checkbook Template
 Online Quiz Maker
 Java Script Quiz Maker
 Desk Name Tags
 Teaching Extras
 Teaching Extras 2
 A to Z Printables
 Microsoft Template Gallery
 Flashcard Exchange
 Quiz Editor
 Easy Test Maker
  Flip Book Creator
 Sue Lebeau's Free Tools For Teachers
 Differentiated Instruction
 Pocket Mod 2
 Pocket Mod 1
 Pocket Mod / New Calendar
 Pocket Mod download
 Page Packer for Pocket Mods Download
  REad Please/text to speech software
 Natural REader/Free text to speech
 Word Talk/Text to Speech
 Online Lesson Plan Template
 Monthly Planning Guide Template
 Power Point Activities -Livingston Parish
  Grading Scale
 Grade Calculator
  Create a labeling ws in excel tutorial
 Excel Techtorials
  Creating PPTS - Student Lessons
  Free Music
  Brainy Betty Icons
 Jill Esquivel's links
 Publishing Ideas for the classroom
 Jes Girl Templates
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